The ongoing border problem is undeniably outrageous, necessitating immediate change and Regime Media decides to ignore it…

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Eagle Pass is currently in a state of chaos, witnessing mass illegal crossings that have persisted for over an hour and a half. This scene is reminiscent of the events almost two years ago when over 15,000 Haitians gathered under the bridge in Del Rio. However, this time, the crowd is predominantly composed of Venezuelans.

Elon Musk has expressed his surprise at the minimal coverage this issue has received in the legacy media. Approximately 2 million people from various countries worldwide are entering the United States through its southern border every year, and this number is steadily increasing. Surprisingly, there appears to be a lack of preventive action from the current administration.

WHEN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT FORCES A STATE TO INJURE ITSELF, WE HAVE A GIANT CASE OF FAFO:  Biden administration cuts razor wire in Texas meant to stop illegal crossings.

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