Western Nations ask citizens to leave Kharkiv and Odesa!

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Russia is reportedly set to establish total control over Kharkiv & Odesa amid a mega blitzkrieg.

Russian diplomat made a big claim about panic among western nations over Moscow’s win. “Embassies In Kyiv Are Asking Citizens To Leave Kharkiv, Odesa,” said Konstantin Gavrilov, head of Russian Delegation to the Vienna negotiations on military security and arms control.

He said that Russia’s victory will be achieved in an obvious way, as this can happen any time.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that without our aid, Ukrainian forces will have to retreat from the battlefield. Speaking with the Washington Post, Zelensky said that in the event of no air defence, no Patriot missiles, etc., we will go back and retreat, step by step, in small steps.

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He also warned that if the front line breaks due to retreat, Russia could go to the big cities. Meanwhile, Republican-controlled House of Representatives Speaker Mike Johnson has held up a bill for months that would supply $60 billion in military and financial aid for Ukraine.

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