Were PPP loans the Biggest Financial Fraud Ever Perpetuated in the US?

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by LakesideDreaming

I just heard a YTer now facing criminal charges received like 80 grand in PPP loans? Um, how? It’s not even a real job or business. How does someone whose already probably in a very high income bracket, get a free $80 grand from Uncle Joe?

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Well here’s more evidence of a mass fraud: chicago.suntimes.com/2023/9/12/23870671/ppp-fraud-susan-haling-illinois-government-human-services-deartment-dcfs

Well and here’s this. www.npr.org/2023/01/18/1149719608/why-the-high-forgiveness-rate-of-ppp-loans-is-troubling-to-many-people#:~:text=It%20also%20made%20forgiveness%20easy,than%2011%20million%20loans%20issued.

Yeah and it clearly says this, “The PPP program seems to have resulted in billions of dollars of fraudulent loans that have ultimately turned into grants.” So there is a clear acknowledgment and I guess general acceptance, like “Scammers, will scam, just let them have the money.” I guess this is the mindset in Washington regarding the free scammed billions. But are Americans okay with this?

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