Well, they can’t hold him accountable without a bit of accountability for themselves

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The media made Fauci a saint, and has not held him accountable to the American people.

Any journalist will tell you that technical issues don’t sell, stories sell. We need heroes and villains. Trump is the villian, and Fauci is the hero. The puff pieces and constant media interviews turned Fauci into a saint. The person for whom we make bobble head dolls.

And yet, this adoration was precisely what we did not need. Instead we needed careful questions and accountability. Fauci supported the policy of masking 2 year olds. This harmful measure was in part driven by his fabrications and misstatement of mask literature. The media has never asked him critically why he pushed cloth masking toddlers except when they nap.

The media has largely failed to hold Fauci accountable. Hopefully, we get more balanced journalism in the years to come.

Not without a better media apparatus, which means more accountability.

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Lead Author of Cochrane Mask Review Responds to Flip-Flopping Fascist Fear Fuhrer Fauci’s Dismissal of Evidence

Anthony Fauci’s dirty little NIH secret…

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