Weather model highlights atmospheric river bringing substantial rain to Southern California.

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Intriguing insights from weather models focus on precipitable water, a key variable showcasing moisture plumes like an atmospheric river targeting Southern California. This meteorological phenomenon involves mountains wringing out the moisture, especially as it encounters slower speeds at higher elevations.

The current weather outlook, as depicted by the experimental RRFS-A model, indicates another anticipated 2-3 inches of rainfall across Los Angeles and Southern California. This projection aligns with the National Weather Service (NWS) forecast for the next three days.

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The atmospheric conditions are driven by a dynamic interplay of factors, where precipitable water serves as a valuable indicator of moisture movement. The weather model allows meteorologists and enthusiasts alike to visualize the intricate patterns of atmospheric rivers and the subsequent impact on regional climates.

As the moisture-laden air is funneled into Southern California, the local terrain plays a crucial role in extracting and distributing precipitation. Following this phase, colder and drier air from the North Pacific is expected to sweep in, shaping the weather dynamics in the region.

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