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Irish pool champ Kim O’Brien forfeited her place in the European Pool Championships refusing to play against her transgender competitor Harriet Haynes.
As the two finalists were about to kick start the match on Thursday, February 29, O’Brien refused to play and stuck out her hand to issue the forfeit.

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Haynes was initially shocked at the move, but was quick to take O’Brien’s hand as the gathered crowd cheered on the Irish woman.

Nicknamed ‘Miss Cue’, O’Brien has been playing pool for thirty years and is Irish captain and currently our number 1 seed. Kim qualified for the England team in 1992 and stayed with them for five years until she decided to swap and represent Ireland.

She has been Irish champion five times and was European Champion in 2001 and 2010.

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Yesterday’s controversial move has gained huge support from a host of high-profile campaigners against transgender women competing against women.


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