We should have pushed Water engines instead of EVs from the start.

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Water engine on the move for the first time in history: breaks power records and is better than hydrogen
by D. García 04/03/2024 in Mobility
Water engine

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Excluding conventional hydrogen in an energy transition context is challenging, but there’s a water-powered engine that has achieved it (at least partially). It sets power records. The car with two hydrogen engines was surprising, but what’s coming next is equally remarkable. In the context of decarbonizing the economy we’re going through, hydrogen has become a resounding protagonist.

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The production of hydrogen for energy purposes is a topic of global interest. In fact, in recent years, there has been much talk about green hydrogen as a strong energy bet. Investment in its production is increasing globally. In the case of Spain, for example, they accounted for 20% of the world’s new hydrogen projects during the first quarter of 2022.

According to Wood Mackenzie data, by the end of 2022, projects linked to this element increased their production by a total of 11.1 million metric tons annually. What does this water engine have to knock out such a widespread form of energy?

Water engine: a record no one expected, but everyone wants
In fact, it doesn’t entirely reject hydrogen, but rather uses it to its advantage. The Austrian company AVL Racetech has developed a powerful hydrogen combustion engine. An invention that demonstrates that this type of model can boast great performance and be used as an alternative to electric vehicles.

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Furthermore, it has potential for use in racing cars. It has emerged as a result of the collaboration of engineers from AVL Racetech and the HUMDA laboratory in Hungary. Its innovative hydrogen combustion engine has a novelty that makes it special: a water injection system. With this addition, the power problem traditionally linked to these types of engines is solved.


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