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New Hampshire Town Alarmed Due to Opening of New “Diaper Spa” Where Adults Wear Diapers and Pretend to Be Babies

A controversial business has recently opened its doors in Atkinson, New Hampshire, igniting a mix of curiosity and concern among the town’s residents.

The Diaper Spa positions itself as a “safe and judgment-free” zone to nurture and pamper diaper lovers and enthusiasts through deeply immersive experiences.

The spa opens its doors wide to individuals over 21 who embrace the comfort and security of diapers.

“The Diaper Spa is here to serve all diaper-wearing individuals who seek acceptance, respite, and care. We embrace 21+ year-old individuals from all races, genders, sexual persuasions, and preferences. We celebrate the genuine you. We are LQBTQIA++ friendly and affirming. We are trauma-informed. Only guests over 21 yo can consent and receive our very elite 1:1 care,” according to its website.

More from its website:

What is a visit like at the Diaper Spa?

Of course, every visit, just like every visitor, is different. However, we tailor our highly specialized one-on-one care experience entirely to each of our unique guests. We start with a discussion to confirm goals, boundaries, and consent. We discuss and agree upon a blueprint for the session. We perform and play out the session as decided and then enjoy aftercare.

Imagine a safe and judgment-free session where you can openly express yourself and partake of your favorite activities, meals, snacks, and nurturing. Activities range from playtime, story time, nap time, cuddle time, changing time, coloring, nursery rhymes, and sing-a-longs.

More luxurious services include Hyponoregression, Yoga, Massage, Makeovers, and even piggy paint!

We send a snack or meal menu before your special visit so that we will have goodies especially for you. Our menu will always change to keep things interesting.

In the summer, you can play with your water wings and floaties poolside, picnic under the tree with your teddy bear, play marbles on the patio, or swing on the front porch swing and serve tea to your dollies on the porch. In the winter, we can make snow angels, build snowmen, drink hot cocoa from beneath clouds of whipped cream and sprinkles, and decorate gingerbread men or sugar cookies.

For weekend/vacation or B&B stays, you may enjoy a mountain trip to collect leaves or pine cones, travel to the beach to play in the waves, build a sandcastle, or search for seashells. We are only 40 minutes from the enormous Kittery Outlets and 1.5 hours from the giant LL Bean Outlet Mall at Freeport Village Station.

The beaches and mountains are a brief and scenic car ride away.

What should I bring?

We focus on the entire sensory experience, and our nursery smells like baby powder and warm cookies. We have soft blankies and stuffies, a sound machine that makes womb noises, nature sounds, or plays lullabies, and a lovely warm glowing night light. We have a Bluetooth speaker to play soothing music, a wet wipe warmer, a bottle warmer, and an oil warmer. We have tons of snacks to keep tummies happy, too.

If you need more color and stimulation or just the comfort of your things, please bring your favorite blankie, stuffie, onesie, or even your favorite diapers, but we will have your size available for your stay.


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