“We Are In Grave Danger”: Trump Says Attack On Israel A Sign World War III Is Coming

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Former President Donald Trump warned that the shocking and brutal attack by Hamas terrorists on Israeli civilians over the weekend has the makings of World War III.

Former President and 2024 Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event in Wolfeboro, N.H., on Oct. 9, 2023. (Joseph Prezioso/AFP via Getty Images)
In speaking to a massive crowd on Monday in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Trump drew ties between the Biden administration’s flooding of young male, military-aged unvetted immigrants into the country and the Pearl Harbor style-attack by Hamas.

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He referred to the immigrants as “some of the same people who just attacked Israel” and said that under Biden’s open border policy, the United States has allowed “tens and thousands of terrorists into our country.”

“We are in grave danger of having World War III,” President Trump said during his campaign stop. “This will be world obliteration. This is a real deal.”

President Trump said that he “would stop World War III” if reelected. In reference to the ongoing attack by the Kremlin on Ukraine and the scenes of war in Israel and Gaza, he said neither bloodshed would ever have occurred under his command.

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TRUMP: “We are in very very grave danger of having a World War III and this will be a war of obliteration… and we have a man that can’t even walk off stage…” pic.twitter.com/utzjGiwTRq



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