WATCH: This black woman gets it about Democrats – ‘Obama was a plant’ – Black People are waking up

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This is the Democratic Party. They promote black women, but particularly if she’s a lesbian, they promote black women who are not even qualified. We have seen with the diversity, equity and inclusion—which is really racism—which is really saying, well, black people just, darn it, they’re not smart enough. So, we have to give them the handout.

And you’re pushing black women who are not qualified, Dr. Claudine Gay of Harvard. Now the head of diversity at Harvard is also accused by habit, correctly, of plagiarism. And we’ll, we’ll get to Fani Willis, who was elected the DA in Fulton County, Georgia, primarily because she’s black, in my opinion. And we’ve seen case after case.

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But the black man, where is he? That’s done deliberately.

And this started really in the 60s, where the Democrats pushed policy—right?—that said to women, particularly black women, you don’t need a man in the home. We’ll give you more money if you’re single. And I grew up in the 70s and I saw the effects. I saw it in the 80s, the broken home.

Now it’s a more dysfunctional hole where you have some women with eight children by five different fathers. They don’t know who their fathers are…in and out. It has almost destroyed the black community.

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But they’re doing it in a different way now. They’re promoting black women and want black men to be down here.

And I think black men sense that, and they know that Trump relates to them. They relate to Trump very well and the evil Barack Obama. Barack Obama was a plant. Barack Obama was a plant. He did nothing for the black community.

Did he ever come back to Chicago with this much crime to talk to young black men? He doesn’t give a damn. Barack Obama is a curse on this nation. So is Joe Biden.


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