Warning signs flash as market highs ride on fragile no-recession assumptions.

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A precarious scenario looms over financial markets as current elevated valuations find their justification in the hope of declining rates and the promise of a recession-free future. The latest data reveals that, for the first time since April 2022, Fund Manager Survey (FMS) investors are not predicting a recession, accompanied by a surge in global growth optimism.

However, a closer look reveals ominous signs:

  • Industrial Contraction: Industrial production Year over Year (YoY) is experiencing contraction, a historically reliable precursor to recessions since 1966.
  • Tech Bubble 2.0 Concerns: The S&P 500 Technology sector now comprises a substantial 29.9% of the index, raising echoes of the Tech Bubble 2.0. A negative divergence in Apple’s stock performance intensifies worries about the sector’s sustainability.
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As the market rides on the delicate assumption of a recession-free environment, analysts warn of potential pitfalls. The historical context of industrial contraction preceding recessions and the expanding dominance of the tech sector in the market spotlight heighten concerns. As the market continues its bullish trajectory, a cloud of uncertainty looms, casting doubts on the sustainability of current highs and underscoring the fragility of the assumptions that underpin them.


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