Walmart Faces Multiple Store Closings As The Retail Apocalypse Aggravates

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Things are going downhill, and they’re going downhill fast. Walmart is the biggest supermarket in the United States. According to the official tracking metrics of Walmart’s income levels, the annual revenue of this superstore chain is just over 611 billion dollars.

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So why is Walmart closing its stores? Walmart is facing multiple closures and besides the stores Walmart closed in 2023, a dozen more stores had been considered one of the few lifelines for many communities across the United States.

They are actually beginning to close these lifelines. Patriots, it’s time to stock up and buckle down. We, the American People, have been thrown under the bus, stepped on by our elected representatives, and sold out. We’re about to face a retail apocalypse like we’ve never seen before, so get ready.

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