Illinois State Senator Dan McConchie: New taxes and increased taxes are in the works for you so you can pay for the illegal immigrants

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“BREAKING: We Just Learned How Chicago/ Illinois Is Planning On Paying For Their Illegal Immigrant Invasion

American Tax Payers Will Be Looking At New Taxes & Tax Increases “A billion in taxes for you and me”

Illinois State Senator Dan McConchie “Just got out of the governor’s annual budget speech and let me tell you what’s in it. A billion in taxes for you and me. New taxes, raising taxes, a lot of it on the working poor. And where are we gonna spend it?

We’re gonna spend it more on undocumented immigrants, on migrants coming here, free health care, other benefits. This is a travesty from the start. There’s some good things in the budget. Sure. But a real big problem here, increased taxes for you, more spending on illegal immigrants and migrants.””

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