The US Vetoes Gaza Ceasefire for the Fourth Time

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In a really upsetting twist at the United Nations, people are scratching their heads and feeling pretty frustrated with the United States for not supporting a plan to make Israel leave the place where Palestinians live. The International Court of Justice is spending a whole week talking about this, and lots of countries, 52 to be exact, are sharing what they think.

While most folks want Israel to stop being in the area where Palestinians live, the U.S. is saying, “Nope, they should stay because they need to be safe.” This decision isn’t just confusing; it’s making people really sad and upset. Some folks even say that the U.S. is basically stopping any chance for things to get better and turning where Palestinians live into a really sad and ongoing problem.

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The idea that the U.S. is the main reason things can’t get better is making lots of people frustrated. Richard Visek, a person who gives advice about laws for the U.S., says Israel needs to be safe, and that’s why they shouldn’t leave right away.

To add to the frustration, there was a big vote about making Israel and the Palestinians stop fighting for a bit. Thirteen countries said, “Yes, let’s do that,” but the U.S. said, “No, we don’t want that,” for the fourth time in a row. It’s like the U.S. is not listening to what lots of other countries think is a good idea. This kind of behavior is making people all around the world feel really disappointed and upset with the United States.

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