US Treasury Bond Issue Set To Increase To $1.9 Trillion In 2024 As Personal Saving Rate Crashes To Near Low Since 2010 (Goverment Displacing Households)

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by confoundedinterest17

Joe Biden could barely eat his dinner at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. And we think he is calling the shots in The White House?? Oh well. Perhaps it is Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen or Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum.

In any case, Treasury bond issuance in 2024 is expected to hit $1.9 TRILLION. Surpassing levels seen even during the 2008 financial crisis.

And with inflation, the US personal saving rate is near the lowest level since Obama (2010).

And with the core inflation rate still higher than anytime since 2010, households are paying more for … everything depleting their savings.

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With Biden and Congress spending like drunken sailors on shore leave, and no end in sight, this will eventually explode. Ukraine, foreign aid, no border security, virtually no money for Maui fire, E. Palestine Ohio is still a wreck, etc. They always have money for someone else. And if Trump is elected in November, watch CNN and MSNBC and Biden/Congress blame Trump.

Commodities are a way to protect yourself against the government and their insane spending and debt.

My point? Gold keeps rising!

The leading foreign holder of US debt is Japan, which is following the insane path as the US and resembles a banana republic.

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Former Fed chair under Obama and current Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen under Biden is Doctor Wonderful. NOT!!

I don’t know what Biden thinks is so funny. Maybe it is because House “Majority” Leader Mike Johnson (RINO-LA) gave Biden and Schumer everything they wanted (Ukraine, Israel funding but nada for security our borders). Life is good when you are stupid and mean-spiritied like Joe Biden!

Biden is so vain: capped teeth, hair plugs, constant tan, face lifts, etc.


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