US State Department forced Scott Ritter off plane headed to Russia and confiscated his passport

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US State Department forced Scott Ritter off plane headed to Russia and confiscated his passport

“As I was boarding my flight out of New York I was pulled aside by three CBP officers, who seized my passport. When asked why, they said orders of the State Department. No further information was provided. My bags were removed from the flight, and I was escorted out of the airport,” the former US Marine intelligence officer told Sputnik.

Ritter was slated to participate in the annual St.Petersburg International Economic Forum as a guest speaker.

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Former US Marine intelligence officer Scott Ritter was indeed removed from a flight to Russia by US law enforcement on the orders of the State Department. This incident occurred while he was en route to attend the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. The officers seized Ritter’s passport without providing further information, and his bags were also removed from the flight. The lack of transparency surrounding the State Department’s orders raises concerns about citizens’ travel restrictions and potential implications for international relations. Judge Andrew Napolitano was also mentioned in connection with this incident, although details about his involvement remain unclear.

The St. Petersburg Economic Forum is a significant international event that brings together business leaders, policymakers, and experts to discuss economic issues. Ritter’s planned attendance highlights broader geopolitical tensions and the scrutiny faced by individuals engaging in international activities.

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As this story develops, we await the State Department’s response to the concerns raised by Ritter’s experience and any potential broader policy implicationsThe lack of transparency underscores the complex interplay between national security, international relations, and individual freedoms

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