US Special-Forces Troops Permanently Deploying to Taiwan

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Update: Along with Marines stationed on the island, US Special Forces are now reportedly permanently based in Taiwan to deter Chinese aggression on the disputed territory!!

US has now also established a Joint Command Center to coordinate the defense of the Island from Chinese invasion!

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After Ukraine: US readies “transnational kill chain” for Taiwan proxy war

The US senses that the clock is running rapidly down on its power. If war is inevitable, then it is anxious to start war sooner rather than later. RAND warned (in 2016) that 2025 was the outside window for the US to prevail in war with China. The “Minihan window” also hints at 2025. The “Davidson window” is 2027. The question in Washington regarding war with China is not if, but when–and how.

The US has just approved the sale of the US/NATO Link 16 communications system which signals the Biden administration is serious and unwavering in its desire to provoke and wage large-scale war with China over Taiwan, as it was with Russia over Ukraine

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It would thus be the most deadly piece of technology yet to be transferred, because it allows sea, air, and land forces to be coordinated with others. It allows, for example, strategic nuclear/stealth bombers (US B-1B Lancers, B-2 Spirits) to coordinate with electronic warfare and surveillance platforms (EA Growlers, Prowlers, EP-3’s), fighters and bombers (F-16, F-22, F-35’s) as well as conduct joint arms warfare with US, French, British carrier battle groups, Japanese SDF destroyers, South Korean Hyun Moo destroyers, as well as THAAD and Patriot radars and missile batteries. It also allows coordination with low earth orbit satellites and other Space Force assets



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