Update on the Massive missile attack on Ukraine last night? 31 missiles fired at the Capitol?

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Did it happen and Ukraine is not reporting on it?

Reports were a flight of 14 Bear bombers were headed inbound and about to fire around 86 missiles at Ukraine.

Ukraine alert map showed the entire country was lit up.

Now, Ukraine alert map shows only 1 media report of an explosion.

Well, the New York Times is saying it was the largest attack in weeks. So I guess it was more than 1 missile.

“31 missiles fired at the capitol”. oh.

Oh, maybe they are just slow in reporting it.

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“Hit on the UAV assembly shop in Kiev , according to Ukraine propagandist all missile was successfully intercepted by UAV assembly workshop ”

“Warehouse of one of Ukraine’s largest retailers damaged by Russian missile.

A ROZETKA warehouse in Kyiv was damaged in this morning’s Russian missile attack. In addition to the warehouse, trucks and goods were also damaged.

There were 99 people on shift at the time of the strike, but they were able to get to the bomb shelter in time.”

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“During the missile strike on March 21, Russian forces focused their attack on the north and center of Ukraine. Additionally, there was observed activity of Russian reconnaissance drones”

LOL, Ukraine and CNN are claiming all 31 missiles targeting Kiev were intercepted.

Riiight. 100% intercept rate on Kinzhal missiles.

Update from the Russian MOD.

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