Unusual weather divide: Eastern US experiences minimal snow, while Western mountains accumulate heavily.

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As February unfolds, a peculiar weather pattern is painting a stark divide across the United States. East of the Rockies, the month-to-date snowfall is notably sparse, with the exception of northern Maine witnessing accumulations. The rest of the Eastern US remains almost spotless, defying the wintry norm for this time of year.

Contrastingly, the Western US mountains tell a different story, with snow piling up by the foot. This striking duality in snowfall patterns is creating an atmospheric dichotomy, leaving the East in a winter lull while the West embraces substantial accumulations.

New England, however, is poised for a change, with multiple winter storm chances forecasted in the next two weeks. The weather outlook suggests a new streak of snow, spanning from Amarillo to Boston, within the next 84 hours. This anticipated shift brings the potential for a sudden winter resurgence in the East, contrasting the prevailing weather conditions and adding a layer of unpredictability to the region’s seasonal narrative.

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