Unprecedented rainfall paralyzes Dubai airport, triggers chaos across the city.

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Dubai’s major international airport found itself in the eye of a storm as heavy rains battered the city, causing widespread flooding and chaos. The world’s busiest air hub for international passengers was forced to divert all incoming flights and briefly halted operations as the torrential downpour wreaked havoc on Tuesday evening.

With over 100 flights expected, Dubai International Airport faced unprecedented challenges in the face of the deluge. The city, known as the Middle East’s financial center, grappled with the aftermath of the storm, which also caused floods in the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain and claimed 18 lives in Oman over the preceding days.

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A spokesperson for Dubai Airports cited the “continued exceptional weather event” as the reason for the temporary diversion of inbound flights. Departures, however, continued amidst the chaos, albeit with significant disruptions. Roads surrounding the airport were inundated with floodwaters, prompting authorities to advise passengers to utilize public transportation.

The airport’s operations were briefly suspended for 25 minutes before resuming, underscoring the severity of the situation. Images circulating on social media depicted planes navigating flooded aprons, highlighting the magnitude of the challenge faced by aviation authorities.

Against the backdrop of this unprecedented weather event, the skies over Dubai turned an eerie green hue as heavy rains and thunderstorms pounded the UAE. With unconfirmed reports of record-shattering rainfall, the storm’s impact reverberated across the region, signaling a tumultuous start to 2024.

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As Dubai and the Middle East grapple with the aftermath of this historic storm, the resilience of communities and infrastructure will be put to the test. The events of this tumultuous day serve as a stark reminder of the unpredictability of nature and the need for robust disaster preparedness measures in the face of such crises.

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