Universal Basic Income and Digital IDs – Beware of governments bearing free gifts

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The Canadian government is considering universal basic income.


The UK government is also trialling universal basic income.


Over the next decade, the agenda is to move over from natural gas generated electricity to that generated by solar panels and wind turbines. Renewable energy will be more expensive and there will be less of it.

Land is being seized from Dutch farmers by the government. The Irish government is reducing the size of beef cattle herds. This could lead to inflation in the price of groceries.

In the end we might be forced to accept universal basic income in order just to get by. This could easily to tied to having a digital id.

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With a digital id, it is game over. This is the line in the sand you should never cross.

Digital ids can be tied to Chinese style social credit scores. Your travel and purchases of red meat can be restricted with a digital id.

Posting to social media is easy. You should try to spread the truth in your daily life. Neighbours and even people you are next to in supermarket queues are possible candidates.

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There are still a lot of people about who believe in net zero / climate change. Carbon dioxide is heavier than the average weight of air. As such it sticks close to the surface of the Earth where it is needed by plants for photosynthesis. It will not rise up to act as a greenhouse gas type ceiling. Plus it is only in parts per million and humans only generate 4% of the annual carbon dioxide production.

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