UN Warns Israel Attacking Southern Gaza Could Push a Million Refugees Into Egypt

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by Chris Black

If you search Twitter or Google News for “no innocents in Gaza” or “the myth of the innocent Palestinian,” you find hundreds or thousands of results.

This is a big slogan.

As they’re saying this, they want to transfer these evil people to Europe.

Or Egypt. Or wherever.

To countries that support them.

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Yes, it’s going to be a very big problem for Israel.

No one has any sympathy left for them, and their entire existence is based on sympathy.

The Guardian:

A resumed Israeli military assault in the overcrowded south of Gaza may lead many of 1 million refugees – including 900,000 sheltering in UN buildings – to try to push over the border into Egypt, the head of the UN’s Palestine relief agency UNRWA has warned.

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After a second overnight visit to Gaza where he met overwhelmed Palestinians, Philippe Lazzarini urged Israel to think through the consequences of an offensive in the south if the temporary truce in the fighting is not extended.

We already have a staggering human tragedy,” he said in an interview, adding the prospect of a further assault feels him with deep anxiety and foreboding.

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