UN Giving Cash Cards and Cash to Illegal Immigrants

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“Illegal immigrants receive cash and prepaid cards through UN. The story has been making rounds since UN revealed the programs in its 2024 budget.

The doc. explains how the UN has given money and other assistance to facilitate mass illegal immigration.”

“And who pays the vast majority of UN funding? The USA taxpayers.

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American taxpayers have been funding the UN in resettling illegals in western nations all around the world.

If this doesn’t prove that they are taxing American citizens to the breaking point, I don’t know what will.

Their goal is to bring western nations into destruction so they can form their Global government.

How sick is that?

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There’s only one who is prophesied to not only bring destruction, but who wants to rule over the entire earth.

Can you guess who that is?

He will bring nothing but suffering, death and destruction…until he is defeated by God.

Things are going to get worse. But know that in the end, God wins.


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