UN faces criticism as humanitarian aid to Gaza suspended amidst Israeli threats.

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In a controversial move, the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) has temporarily halted food deliveries to the northern Gaza Strip, citing concerns over safety and security. The decision comes amid renewed heavy fighting in Gaza City, raising questions about the vulnerability of the population.

The head of the Egyptian news service conveyed a stark warning from Israel, stating, “If trucks with humanitarian aid arrive without an agreement with Israel, they will bomb them.” This assertion underscores the challenges in delivering essential aid to a region grappling with conflict.

Critics argue that the suspension of supplies to the northern Gaza Strip will exacerbate an already dire situation, putting more people at risk of starvation. The WFP, defending its decision, stated, “The situation there will worsen, and more people are at risk of starvation. WFP is deeply committed to urgently helping desperate people across the Gaza Strip, but it is necessary to ensure safety and security in the delivery of critical food aid – and for the people receiving it.”

As tensions rise, the UN faces scrutiny for its approach to delivering humanitarian aid in the midst of conflict, with concerns about the impact on the vulnerable population in the northern Gaza Strip.

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