UK unveils record package to Ukraine worth €580 million, including Storm Shadow missiles, 4 million rounds of ammunition, 1600 missiles, and 400 vehicles.

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As tensions escalate between Ukraine and Russia, the UK announces a landmark €580 million military aid package to fortify Ukraine’s defenses and bolster European security, signaling unwavering support in the face of aggression.

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Key Points and Numbers:

  • The UK is sending a military aid package to Ukraine worth €580 million.
  • Components of the aid package include additional Storm Shadow missiles, 4 million rounds of ammunition, over 1600 strike- and air defense missiles, 160 Husky patrol vehicles, 162 armored carriers, 78 all-terrain vehicles, and 60 boats.
  • The aid package is part of the UK’s efforts to bolster Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression and support European security.
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