UK internet Bill – includes fake news, non-trivial psychological or physical harm, 5 years in prison, BBC etc. are exempt

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Tweet: Here’s the interesting part about Rishi’s tyrannical new online bill…

Yesterday, his government announced that offences under new online laws have kicked in so “criminals can face up to five years behind bars for their demeaning and dangerous actions.”

Part of this new law outlines a new “fake news” offence – a false communications offence – that outlaws the intentional sending of false information that could cause “non-trivial psychological” or physical harm to users online.

The govt provided an example. Basically, if someone encouraged people to inject antiseptic to cure themselves of coronavirus on social media, a court would have to prove that they knew if was not true before making the post.

But guess what? Recognised news publishers and broadcasters (including on demand services), like the BBC etc. are exempt from this provision.

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Cyberflashing, epilepsy-trolling and fake news to put online abusers behind bars from today

New offences have been introduced to criminalise cyberflashing, fake news intended to cause non-trivial harm and other online abuse.



Guess who wont be touched?

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Epidemiologist Prof Mark Woolhouse criticised corporation for reporting rare deaths among healthy adults as the norm during pandemic

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Effectiveness of vaccine lied about

Economist stating what’s really going. Regaining control of the narrative – that they, and only they are the arbiters of ‘truth’

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