UK considers banning motorcycles…

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In a move that echoes the global shift toward sustainability, the UK government is contemplating a ban on new petrol-powered mopeds and motorcycles sales by 2030 and 2035, respectively. This latest initiative aligns with the broader trend of phasing out combustion-powered vehicles, with the Department for Transport (DfT) envisioning a cleaner and greener future for urban mobility.

The proposal, currently under consultation until September 21, has stirred discussions within the motorcycle and automotive industry, with many anticipating the eventual implementation of the ban. The government’s stance reflects its commitment to embracing zero-emission motorcycles and two-wheelers as efficient and environmentally friendly modes of transportation.

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With an estimated 1.4 million motorcycles licensed for the road in 2020, the DfT acknowledges the potential benefits of transitioning to electric mobility, citing congestion reduction, improved urban air quality, and noise reduction as key advantages. The move is part of a broader strategy to align the motorcycle industry with the global push toward cleaner energy alternatives.

To facilitate this transition, the DfT has allocated £582 million for grants supporting plug-in motorcycles, vans, and taxis, signaling a commitment to fostering new industrial opportunities and encouraging the development of sustainable technologies in the UK. As the motorcycle landscape transforms, riders and industry stakeholders are left contemplating a future where the familiar roar of petrol-powered engines could become a distant memory.

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