UK conscription: Why the youth won’t fight for the UK.

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This guy sums it up perfectly.

But one has to wonder what happens when the bankster, WEF creeps can’t get their slaves / cattle to fight because they’re so dissatisfied with them?

Guess that means they will lose everything. Ironic.

Maybe there is justice after all.

Native Brits won’t fight because migrants are being collected from the English channel and put up in 5 star hotels.

Migrants won’t fight because they’re sick of the Brits complaining about them and saying they don’t want them so why should they bother.

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Maybe the elite should go to the front line themselves?

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Brits think that the ruling classes have made such a mess of things they might as well let Putin rule because how could he make a bigger mess?

This guy might as well be speaking for the US because I think the sentiment is much the same.

h/t Mad Kelly

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