Tucker Carlson’s Putin Interview Will Be, by Far, the Most-Watched Piece of Political Programming in History

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by Chris Black

At the time of this writing, the interview has almost 150,000,000 views.

Tucker’s interview with Andrew Tate is currently cited as the most-watched interview of all time, having 110 million views, and the Putin interview already broke thet record.

The EU has openly now declared that allowing Putin to speak in this way constitutes a form of “illegal media,” and is threatening to shut down Twitter for allowing people to watch it.

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What sort of a thing is it when you claim that “democracy” means that the people are capable of being the ultimate deciders about the actions of the state, but also claim that these very same people are so stupid that they can’t listen to a foreign leader speak in an interview without their minds being taken over?

Personally, I do not support democracy, at least not universal suffrage democracy, but I don’t think the people are that stupid, that they can’t even see an interview without their minds being conquered.

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This is a very extreme view, to frame the population as little children like this.

The most interesting part of the interview in my view was when Putin was asked who makes decisions in the US. He said : “I don’t know”.

That’s a pretty incredible thing, isn’t it?

Finally, the key point of the interview emerged: the war will be over in a few weeks if the US stops funding the Ukraine.

That is the fact, that has always been the fact.

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