Trump’s UN Migration Compact withdrawal delayed U.S. globalist migration; Biden’s policies align, impacting borders.

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It all goes back to the UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly, Regular Migration.

Ever wonder why Europe & Canada are YRARS ahead of us with regard to being flooded with migrants, while the US is just NOW getting the same treatment?

That’s because Trump pulled the US out of the UN Migration Compact in 2017 and refused to comply with UN Refugee & Migration programs during his tenure. He defunded UN programs as much as he could, gutted the USRAP refugee admissions program, and generally refused to comply with the UN protocols, agreements, and bs.

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So, when Biden took office, he had to make up for lost time – 4 LOST years for the UN/globalist migration plans. Biden was essentially playing catch-up on all the ground the globalist UN plans LOST during Trump’s tenure.

Biden’s initial executive orders essentially opened the border and Biden proceeded to put programs like the Safe Mobility and Lawful Pathways initiatives in place.

Biden endorsed the UN Global Compact for Migration on December 17, 2021 in a statement via the State Department. With no media coverage or fanfare by the way.

The White House also entered into a UN sponsored migration agreement, negotiated at the “Summit of the Americas” through the Organization for American States (an intergovernmental organization that the US has been a member of since the 1940s & has multilateral treaties with – sort of like the UN, but regional, for the Americas, including South America, central America, Mexico, and I believe the Caribbean countries).

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That US/OAS agreement is called the “Los Angeles Declaration for Migration”, agreed upon June 10, 2022.

Again, next to no media coverage.

Biden’s refugee & migration policies and programs are in alignment with UN protocols and agreements, rather than US immigration law. Much of this is managed through the Department of State (all UN foreign policy stuff goes through the State Department) and Mayorkas/DHS.

The news tells you NONE of this.

Heck, Republican politicians won’t even tough it.

Our elected representatives are truly the UNipary. America is being given the mushroom treatment about it all – being kept in the dark and fed bullshit.



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