Trump trial closing arguments could be Tuesday. Jury could decide case on Wednesday.

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As the historic trial of former President Donald Trump on charges related to a hush money scheme during the 2016 election unfolds, the courtroom has become a battleground of legal strategies, witness testimonies, and political implications. This high-profile case, the first criminal prosecution of a former U.S. president, is not only a test of legal boundaries but also a reflection of the broader political landscape. As the trial progresses, the public is privy to a complex web of allegations, evidence, and legal arguments that could significantly shape the future of American politics.

Key Points:


  • Donald Trump’s trial in Manhattan for concealing a 2016 hush money scheme is approaching a conclusion, with closing arguments potentially starting next week.
  • Michael Cohen, Trump’s former fixer and a crucial witness for the prosecution, has been on the stand for three full days and is expected to complete his testimony next week.
  • The defense case, if presented, is expected to be brief, potentially wrapping up by the end of Monday.
  • Trump has the option to testify, but it is uncertain if he will, as it could prolong the trial and expose him to a potentially damaging cross-examination.
  • The jury has several options for a verdict, including conviction on the felony or misdemeanor version of the charges, a mixed verdict, or a hung jury, resulting in a mistrial.
  • Cohen’s credibility and motivations have been questioned during cross-examination, with the defense focusing on his past dishonesty and self-serving actions.
  • The outcome of the trial will have significant implications for Trump’s political future and the broader American political landscape.


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