Trump Lawyers Drop Bombshell Revelations About Biden Regime and Jack Smith in Classified Docs Hearing

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Trump’s lawyers on Wednesday afternoon attended a hearing in Fort Pierce, Florida on whether Judge Cannon will agree to postpone the classified documents trial currently scheduled for May 2024.

Judge Cannon signaled she may postpone Trump’s trial. She also admonished one of Jack Smith’s prosecutors, according to Julie Kelly who attended Wednesday’s hearing.

Trump’s lawyers dropped bombshell revelations during the hearing on Wednesday, according to reporter Julie Kelly.

Julie Kelly attended the hearing in person on Wednesday. According to Kelly, Trump’s lawyers revealed:

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Trump’s lawyers told Judge Cannon they discovered a June 2023 letter asking DOE to remove Trump’s ACTIVE SECURITY CLEARANCE.” – A few weeks AFTER Smith handed down classified documents indictment.
Trump’s lawyers told Judge Cannon this afternoon they have evidence that the Biden White House collaborated with NARA, DOJ, and intel agencies to determine which documents to include in Jack Smith’s indictment.
Trove of evidence includes “years” worth of security footage from MAL
Evidence of “extensive communications” between White House, NARA, intel agencies and DOJ/Jack Smith prior to the indictment to determine which classified files to include.
Trump still had DOE security clearance related to at least one charged document as recently as June 2023.
•Defense might include the Secret Service as a considered member of prosecution since they have their own security apparatus separate from MAL

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