Trump denounces trial extension as political witch hunt, risking jail to speak out.

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Former President Trump claims innocence in the payments to Stormy Daniels case, alleging it’s a political witch hunt aimed at keeping him off the campaign trail. He criticizes Judge Merchan’s decision to extend the trial, suggesting it’s influenced by political motives and interferes with his constitutional rights.

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Put Trump in prison. We dare you.

Trump Reacts to Judge Merchan’s Threat of Jail: “Frankly Our Constitution Is Much More Important Than Jail. I’ll Do That Sacrifice Any Day”

“Former President Donald Trump addressed the media on Monday outside of the New York City courtroom where Alvin Bragg’s falsified business records trial is being held. There, Trump hinted at risking jail time by violating the gag order imposed on him, saying that the Constitution outweighs any potential consequences.

“I have to watch every word I tell you people. You ask me a simple question, I’d like to give it but I can’t talk about it, because this judge has given me a gag order and says you’ll go to jail if you violate it,” Trump said.

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Trump also expressed frustration over the court’s decision to extend the case, suggesting it interfered with his ability to participate in political activities.

“This is really truly election interference and it’s a disgrace,” he said.”

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