Trump calls NY trial a Biden witch hunt, questions timing.

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In a bold rebuke of the Manhattan ‘hush money’ trial, Donald Trump accuses prosecutors of political witch hunts, highlighting the triviality of charges and alleging interference in federal elections.

Key points:

  • Donald Trump denounces the “Biden witch hunt” aimed at keeping him off the campaign trail, referring to the Manhattan ‘hush money’ trial.
  • He highlights the triviality of the charges, emphasizing that the case revolves around bookkeeping for legal expenses paid to a lawyer.
  • Trump questions the timing and motives behind the case, noting that it dates back to 2015 and was pursued only recently, suggesting political interference.
  • He expresses frustration over being indicted for what he considers a minor matter compared to pressing issues like violent crime.
  • Trump raises doubts about the legitimacy of the case, pointing out that federal authorities declined to pursue it and emphasizing the unprecedented nature of state involvement in a federal election matter.
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