Trump blasts Alvin Bragg case, claiming, “We’re tried for a non-crime.” He suggests a conviction could boost popularity.

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In a fiery address at 40 Wall Street, former President Donald Trump minced no words when addressing the rescheduled trial date and reduced bond payment in his ongoing legal battle against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Trump, facing 34 felony counts of allegedly falsifying business records, vehemently dismissed the charges, labeling them as politically motivated election interference.

According to Trump, the case is not about justice but rather an attempt to undermine democracy. He accused the Biden administration of orchestrating a campaign of legal harassment aimed at tarnishing his reputation. Trump expressed disbelief at the proceedings, likening them to tactics seen in “banana republics.”

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The former president didn’t hold back in criticizing the judicial process, citing what he perceives as bias within the courtroom. He singled out Mark Pomerantz, a former Hillary Clinton lawyer, for allegedly leading the charge against him. Trump painted a picture of systemic corruption, suggesting that the legal system was being manipulated for political gain.

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Despite the looming trial, Trump exuded confidence, asserting that he doesn’t expect to face a conviction. In fact, he suggested that a trial could bolster his popularity, framing it as a battle against a rigged system. Trump remained defiant, even expressing a willingness to testify if needed, all while casting doubt on the legitimacy of the legal proceedings.

As Trump gears up for what he views as a politically charged trial, the specter of Biden’s alleged interference looms large, setting the stage for a high-stakes legal showdown with far-reaching implications.


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