Trudeau’s Choices Leave Canadian Military in Crisis: Personnel Shortages, Low Readiness, and Critical Equipment Deficiencies

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In the wake of Trudeau Liberals’ decisions to cut funding to the Canadian military while allocating substantial aid to Ukraine, including a significant arms donation, Chief of Defence Staff General Wayne Eyre’s startling admissions reveal a military on the brink—shortages in personnel, urgent readiness rebuilding needed, low equipment serviceability rates, critically low ammunition, and deteriorating infrastructure. The implications of such negligence and misplaced priorities raise urgent questions about the path forward for Canada’s military effectiveness and the need for strategic reassessment.

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The concerns arise from our defense pacts with the US, as any conflict involving the US on this continent would immediately implicate us. The intertwining of our foreign policy with entities like the WEF, driven by figures such as Charles and his alignment with the Great Reset, underscores a reality where decisions are made beyond our borders. The analogy of the Commonwealth as a fleet, with Canada as one ship, raises questions about our role and fate within this larger construct, leaving an uncertain narrative tied to international agreements and potential consequences.


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