Traders predict significant US rate cuts in 2024, with Ackman betting on a first-quarter Fed cut, but Lacalle doubts rate cuts will save the economy.

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Market participants are bracing for potential shifts in the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, with some traders positioning for significant rate cuts in 2024. Meanwhile, billionaire investor Bill Ackman is making bets on an earlier-than-expected rate cut, while economist Daniel Lacalle offers a different perspective on the efficacy of such measures.

In the options market, there are notable positions anticipating as much as 250 basis points of easing by the Federal Reserve in the coming year. Utilizing SOFR options referencing the secured overnight financing rate, these wagers stand to gain if the Fed cuts its benchmark rate to around 3% by September 2024. This strategic move is underlined by a premium of approximately $13 million, with the potential to yield $200 million if SOFR drops to 2%.

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Billionaire investor Bill Ackman, founder of Pershing Square Capital Management, is diverging from market consensus by betting on an earlier initiation of rate cuts. Ackman suggests that the Fed could start cutting interest rates as soon as the first quarter, countering market expectations that fully price in a rate cut in June, with an 80% chance of a cut occurring in May according to swaps market data.

Contrary to market sentiment, economist Daniel Lacalle expresses skepticism about the efficacy of Fed rate cuts in stimulating the economy. Lacalle points out the discrepancy between market expectations and the Fed’s signals, emphasizing that any rate cuts might be driven by declining private sector demand rather than positive economic signs. He highlights the ongoing challenges of inflation and economic headwinds that could persist even with rate cuts.


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