Too Much Debt! US Government And Consumers Are Debt Crazed (US Debt Hits $34.8 TRILLION, Consumer Debt Hits $17.69 TRILLION, Unfunded Liabilities Hits $216 TRILLION)

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by confoundedinterest17

Too much debt should be the theme song for the US! Both for consumers and the Feral government (not a typo!)

Consumer credit increased by +$6.403 billion in April, much softer than consensus estimate of +$10 billion … more notable, however, was March data, given initial read of +$6.274 billion was revised down to -$1.099 billion.

Not to mention $13 trillion in mortgage debt (1-4 unit housing), but at least that is backed by property. Unlike The Feral government who borrows/prints with only a promise.

Consumer Debt Hits $17.69 TRILLION.

US national debt stands at $34.8+ trillion.

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And growing awfully fast. Note that since the “pandamic”, debt as % of GDP has exceeded 100% and is projected to hit 166% by 2054. But look at the UNFUNDED LIABILITIES the need to be paid ($216+ TRILLION ($641.5k per citizen!). Pretty soon, we (the 99%) will be back on the chain gang paying for endless wars and government corruption. I wish Biden, Schumer, McConnell and other swamp creatures would consider all the spending the government is on the hook for rather than focus on spending that will help them get elected perpetually. There is no middle of the road anymore. The US is broke and has too much debt.

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Of course, President Biden wants endless spending on wars (Ukraine, Israel, etc) and now wants an unlimited check to pay for the next pandemics. The Pretenders’ song “My City Was Gone” seems to be appropriate for the US as “My County Is Gone.”

Of course, some “economists” claim that the US can borrow/print unlimited amounts of money … until they can’t.


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