Say goodbye to dollar menunaires as fastflation hits the drive-thru.

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In the era of fast food, where the allure of the drive-thru beckons with promises of quick, affordable meals, a new menace has emerged: fastflation. Gone are the days of the “Dollar Menunaire,” where a few crumpled bills could secure a feast fit for a king. Instead, consumers find themselves grappling with supersized prices that defy all expectations, as the cost of a simple meal skyrockets at unprecedented rates.

For those who frequent the golden arches of McDonald’s, the changes are stark and undeniable. Menu items once considered staples of affordability have undergone a transformation, with price increases that outpace even the most ambitious of inflation rates. From the humble French fry to the iconic Big Mac, no item is spared from the onslaught of fastflation.

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Consider the numbers: at the close of 2019, a medium order of French fries could be had for a mere $1.79. Fast forward to mid-2024, and that same order now commands a hefty $4.19—a staggering increase of 134.1%. Similarly, the McChicken, once a wallet-friendly indulgence at $1.29, now demands a princely sum of $3.89—a jaw-dropping increase of 201.6%.

But perhaps most alarming are the price hikes seen across the board. The Big Mac, a perennial favorite among fast food aficionados, has seen its price surge from $3.99 to $7.49—an increase of 87.7%. Even the humble cheeseburger, once a staple of affordability at $1.00, now fetches $3.15—a staggering increase of 215%.

These price increases, far outpacing traditional measures of inflation, have left consumers reeling and the drive-thru a shell of its former self. For many, the days of a quick, cheap meal are but a distant memory, replaced by the harsh reality of fastflation.

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As consumers grapple with the fallout of fast food’s escalating prices, one thing is clear: the drive-thru is no longer the bastion of value it once was. In the age of fastflation, the Dollar Menunaire is a relic of the past, and the future of fast food remains uncertain.


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