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Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs), also known as “black boxes” for ships, are designed to record various data related to the operation of the vessel, including ship instrument data, audio recordings from the bridge, and other relevant information.

However, the specific capabilities and requirements of VDRs may vary depending on the regulations and standards set by maritime authorities such as the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

While it’s true that VDRs typically record audio from the bridge, they are also designed to record a wide range of data from ship instruments, sensors, and systems, such as GPS position, speed, heading, engine parameters, radar information, and more.

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In the event of a loss of power to the VDR or the ship’s systems, there may be limitations on the data recorded, but VDRs are typically equipped with backup power sources or other measures to ensure data recording in emergencies.

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Overall, VDRs are crucial tools for maritime safety and accident investigation, and they are designed to capture comprehensive data to aid in understanding the circumstances surrounding maritime incidents.

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