They Don’t Want Us to Travel Anywhere

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Every day comes new signs of how they’re going to stop us travelling.

This I’m seeing everywhere I go.

Train travel is impossible because of constant strikes. Ticket offices are being closed so the elderly, the disabled and the millions without smart phones won’t be able to go anywhere.

No tracking device cellphone? Nothing for you then.

Life will suck in a couple of years, and you’ll be miserable.

via vernoncoleman:

There are, I fear, still some people around who don’t realise that the conspirators don’t want us travelling anywhere – for any reason.

They want to stop us travelling because the oil is running out (oh, yes it is, I’m afraid) and they want to keep as much of it as they can for their limousines, yachts, tanks and jet fighters. Oh and for heating and lighting their mansions, too. They know darned well that solar power and wind power aren’t going to satisfy their needs.

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Every day comes new signs of how they’re going to stop us travelling.

  1. Airport problems are now commonplace (and reported with glee by the mainstream media which always promotes the Great Reset and is consequently keen to discourage travel) and airline travellers who aren’t accustomed to long delays probably haven’t travelled much recently. If the software for air traffic control isn’t down then the software for controlling tickets or baggage will be down. If there isn’t a strike of air crew then there will be a baggage handlers strike. And remember that in my book They want your Money and your Life I warned that, if advice from climate change cultists and the inevitable Imperial College is followed, most airports will be closed by 2030. The few remaining large airports will remain until 2050 and then they will go.
  2. Roads have become a maze of hazards. Pointless and dangerous speed bumps are now recognised as being pointless and dangerous but they are still there – wrecking cars and breaking backs. Potholes are breeding. Stupid chicanes cause traffic hold ups and make life miserable (and actually increase the use of fuel and pollution). Crazy 20 mph speed limits increase accidents, increase fuel use and increase pollution.
  3. Scientists have proved that introducing penalties for drivers who travel into town and city centres makes no difference to pollution. It is, we now know, all about raising money and stopping travel. Banning older cars from the centre of cities does a great deal of harm (especially to the poor who can’t afford sparkling new mayoral limousines) but no good to air quality.
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