The Democrat Party Representatives Are All Frauds

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by Chris Black

Most work directly for Soros’ groups who are doing the bidding of the Rothschilds.

ESG, social credit scores, green agenda, trans, blacks in every ad, all pushed by the Rothschild plan for the world.
Or do you really believe AOC got elected because she’s actually intelligent.
Bill Clinton never ran anything.
Go talk to some secret service agents.
Bill was drunk half the time.
He’d be passed out on a couch somewhere in the White House and someone would wake him up, telling him he had a speech to do.
He’d clean himself up, go read the teleprompter, and then go find a bucket of fried chicken.
People were amazed how he could perform so well. He was just a great actor.
Hillary would berate him almost daily and on quite a few occasions throw any object within reach at his general direction.
Bill would even sneak out of the White House for late night trysts with women.
Do you know why so many secret service people and others connected with the Clintons just happened to die under mysterious circumstances?
Because they all knew too much. Even in 1992 the plan was for Hillary to be president.

Obama is no different.
He is just an actor reading scripts.
A complete Manchurian candidate. All run from the shadows.

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Trump is the best choice in a pile of festering feces.
There isn’t a real leader anywhere to be seen.
Politics is the business of hiding your real self in order to pander to the largest crowd that will get you elected.
With this, only phony people get elected.
The problem with our Republic is that 51% can force 49% to bend to their will.
Is is extremely easy to fool half the people out there.
It should take 75% for any bill to pass. There should be a supermajority to get anything done.
As we saw with Covid close to 3/4 of the people just followed in lockstep.
They were completely wrong.
There was just enough who stood against tyranny to allow it to take over.
Power needs to be transferred back where it belongs.
To the local first.
The Federal government was never supposed to be the end all be all power center of America.
Let a town go all in on Covid. You can choose not to live or go there.
When the Feds choose to mandate for all, there is nowhere to escape.

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