There’s Little Difference Between Legal and Illegal Immigration

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by Chris Black

Illegal immigrants no longer ‘live in the shadows’ of American society, even in states where they were not previously welcome.

The American state has been using a little know mechanism called “parole authority” to legalize illegal immigrants en masse.


More than 541,000 illegals have been made legal residents of the United States ( this year, able to live and work in the country, through this parole mechanism.

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Between the CBP process and sponsorship programs the Federal government will be able to legally admit a total of 890,000 ‘parolees’ a year.

Effectively doubling legal immigration.

Meanwhile illegal immigration figures (those who are not legalized, anyway) remain catastrophically high.

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177,000 people entered illegally in August, 132,000 in July and 99,539 in June according to CBP.

It is worth remembering that US immigration authorities only encounter 43% of those crossing the border.


Legal or illegal mass non-White immigration is overwhelming White America.

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