The World was much better without Laptops, Smartphones and High Speed Internet

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by Anonymous Coward

There are many people who are not old enough to remember life before laptops, Smartphones and High Speed Internet. I went to college just before Desktop PC’s. Every paper I wrote was typed on a Smith Corona typewriter. I looked up all my information at the library. I read books, magazines and newspapers.

We watched sports on one of the 5 channels on our black and white TV. Sometimes we played Pong on the TV. If we wanted to play a video game, we went to the video arcade to play Space Invaders for 25 or 50 cents. My first Macintosh had little storage. I had to delete files regularly. Then I bought a Cutting Edge hard drive with 64mb of storage. There were no graphics or video so this was a lot of memory space.

When we left the house, there was no computer with us. Sometimes I would go days or even a week without using a computer. When AOL came along, I would check email once a day. Once in while I would skip a day or two, sometimes a week. We would dial into AOL with that slow speed modem. It was good enough for things like email, message boards and simple websites. When I left work and shut off my Desktop computer, I was done for the day.

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In the 80s and early 90s, I had no personal computer in my apartment. There was no need. Life was simpler then. People called you or you called them on the telephone. We would hang out at our places or at bars and talk. We would do things. Go fishing at the pier. Go to the gym. Go to the movies. Play sports. Go get a pizza. Go to a party.

It was a simpler time. People were more real. I miss it. Life was much better before laptops, smart phones and High speed internet.

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