The West Coast is preparing for another storm surge, expecting heavy rain, snow, and a potential tornado threat.

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The West Coast is gearing up for yet another round of storms, poised to bring waves of rain and significant snowfall in the coming days. The Sierra region anticipates a substantial snowfall of 6-10 feet. The Sacramento Valley faces the potential threat of severe weather, including the rare occurrence of a tornado, as warm, moist air clashes with cooler air aloft.

Southern California, particularly Los Angeles and San Francisco, is expected to bear the brunt of this weather onslaught, with projections of 2 inches of rain in LA and 1.5 inches in San Francisco over the next three days. This deluge marks another chapter in the El Niño-fueled winter, showcasing the region’s resilience to relentless weather patterns.

As California grapples with the ongoing storms, signaling a robust winter season, questions arise about the future trajectory. Despite the current barrage of inclement weather, the next two weeks portend a shift toward warmer conditions across the Lower 48, hinting at a potential turning point in this season’s meteorological narrative.

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