The US government revises housing data, slashing inflation by 25% since 2020.

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The US government just pulled off a staggering deception with housing data, magically erasing 25% of inflation from the past four tumultuous years. This isn’t just data revision; it’s a slap in the face to anyone relying on accurate economic indicators. The CPI, once touted as a gauge of reality, now stands exposed as a farce. According to Wolfstreet, the Census Bureau and HUD, in a pandemic-induced haze, decided to rewrite history, slashing median home prices by a jaw-dropping $36,000 in October 2022 alone. Yet, despite these Orwellian revisions, the truth persists: inflation isn’t transitory—it’s here to stay. Prices soar annually, smashing records with each passing year. It’s no wonder everyday essentials like a simple meal now cost a small fortune—nearly $40 for just two burgers and fries!


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