The Truth About Biden’s Awful Jobs Report And Rising Credit Card Delinquencies (Weakest Jobs Report For January On Record, 90+ Day Delinquency Rate Rises To Almost 10%)

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by confoundedinterest17

I think the Biden Presidency is nicely summed-up by Biden confusing France’s President Macron with former French President Mitterand. Particularly since Mitterand died in 1996. Is Biden seeing dead people??

Anyway, the Biden economy and his Bidenomic strategy is based on massive debt expansion, both public and private debt. Household Debt reached $17.5 Trillion in Fourth Quarter; Delinquency Rates Rise 

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Credit card delinquecies (90+ days) rose to almost 10% in Q4 2023.

Credit card delinquencies surged more than 50% in 2023 as total consumer debt swelled to $17.5 trillion, the New York Federal Reserve reported Tuesday.

Debt that has transitioned into “serious delinquency,” or 90 days or more past due, increased across multiple categories during the year, but none more so than credit cards.

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Rising credit card delinquencies combined with the worst job additions in January on record.

But at least the 10Y-2Y US Treasury yield curve is ALMOST flat (h



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