The S&P 500’s historic reliance on seven stocks reveals a market in crisis.

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A chilling revelation strikes fear into investors as the S&P 500 succumbs to the stranglehold of the “Magnificent 7” stocks, dominating over 30% of its composition—a historic high. Jeremy Grantham of GMO warns of an “AI craze stoking a bubble within a bubble,” amplifying concerns of an imminent market collapse.

Behind the scenes, a sinister agenda unfolds: the Federal Reserve’s true target isn’t inflation but rather the preservation of a bloated stock bubble and bailouts for insolvent banks. This revelation exposes a nefarious scheme dating back to the pivotal election year of 2020, where the Fed’s actions prioritize market intervention over economic stability.

As panic grips the market, investors brace for the inevitable fallout of a system teetering on the brink of collapse. The once-mighty S&P 500 now stands as a monument to reckless speculation and regulatory neglect, poised to unravel under the weight of its own excess.


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