The Science Holds Exhibition Showing That the First Brits Were Black

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by Chris Black

This explains everything.

It’s time for people to know the truth: all British people are descended from blacks, and that means that black people have as much right to Britain as the people that live there.

Blacks have a right to return to their sacred homeland: Britain.

The Telegraph:

The “very first Britons were Black”, an exhibition on the diverse history of Britain has claimed.

The Brilliant Black British History exhibition held at Black Cultural Archives in Brixton, south London, makes a range of contentious claims about British history.

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Visitors are informed that “the very first Britons were Black” and that “Britain was black for 7,000 years before” white people arrived.

The assertions appear to be based on a genetic study of the 12,000-year-old remains of Cheddar Man which suggested that ancient Britons had dark skin, but the study and these claims have since been contested by academics.

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The exhibition at the Black Cultural Archives, which receives funding from Lambeth council and Arts Council England, is based on the Bloomsbury children’s book Brilliant Black British History, by Atinuke, the Nigerian-born poet and author.

The first display panel in the exhibition states: “By testing DNA, scientists made an amazon discovery – the first migrants to Britain around 12,000 years ago had black skin. Yes, that’s right, the very first Britons were black!”

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