“The Royal Family is lying about Princess Kate and they’re trying to hide something BIG”

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“Has the Kate Middleton cancer confession cleared it all up? Um…no. Even if the video is legit, it does not explain all of the trickery as of late. This is not about whether or not the princess deserves privacy. Of course she does! This is about why the palace and the media keep lying so badly! If this is indeed more lying, it would serve that the public should show real concern for her and her children, not less! ”


0:00 – 1:20 Intro, background

1:25 – 2:30 The palace never stated these images were Kate. The media ran with it. Why is her mother and husband appearing in public with a body double?

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3:07- 4:04

Why the palace never released the original Mother’s Day photo. Instead, the photoshop photo is in circulation with a disclaimer at the bottom (stating it is an “altered photo”)

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He also raises the point that she just got abdominal surgery, has cancer, and is at home on Mother’s Day spending her time editing photos.

4:05 – 4:45

The palace and the state run media lied to the public and published this fake story on January 17th 2024 “Kate Middleton Surgery: Kensington Palace confirms Princess does not have cancer”.


BBC, the Sun, various other outlets reported her as being “healthy” while publishing photos of William with someone who is not Kate:

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4:47 – 6:55
“Is this video of her cancer explanation AI? It’s undetermined.”
“We are led to believe the BBC filmed it… with low resolution”. Many odd things with the Kate video – her ring disappearing in frames, her eyes not aligning “popping out”, etc.

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6:57 – 7:50

British MP George Galloway also raised concerns that Kate hasn’t been seen in public in over 80 days and pointed out the continuous lies from the media in their coverage of Kate.

7:55 – 8:40

A correspondent reached out to BBC, filed a Freedom of Information Act request “specifically wanted to know if there’s any AI in their footage, any deep fake voice, voice manipulation and a whole laundry list of things from this photoshoot”. The BBC responded and said it will take 20 days to respond to their FOIA request.

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